Rebranding To Innerlove

who is Kirsty Mason?

From the depths of the darkness labelled as depression, to the light of the soul, in full expression. 

I know how it feels to feel like you have no purpose in life, to not understand who you are, what you stand for, believe that you really are nothing and that you are not worthy of anything above mediocre. 

To grow up with the mindset of never being good enough, no matter how hard you try. To have your soul suppressed so deeply, you forget how to feel, how to think and as a result become a people-pleaser, procrastinator, perfectionist, all in hopes you will be accepted and 'fit' in to those around you. 

Have you ever just paused and pondered, what if it's THEM who don't belong?
What if you broke free & found a tribe who understood you and championed all that you are, instead of judging you or suppressing you?

Maybe, you've just never met anyone to show you, HOW to be more? That you CAN be more. 

Sometimes, it's not until you reach rock bottom, you tell yourself, enough is enough. That calling deep inside you get's so damn loud you actually can't ignore it anymore. 
Or, if you're like me...
Your world completely changed when you had your first baby.

You saw this purity of spirit, yet to be programmed into being "acceptable" & "conditioned", that changed your mindset and soul forever.
You realised that your little human is simply a mirror of your own behaviour and one you can't hide from. 

Sh*t, time to grow up and get your act together...

too often I see :
  • Too many live a life that’s not their own, chasing acceptance, love, worthiness, losing their own true identity in the process.
  • They remain in the tribal cycle and play out their roles for un-resourceful reasons and as a result die, living a life half lived.
  • They may have had financial success on the outside, but were miserable on the inside.
  • Maybe, they felt something was lacking but never had the courage to explore further.
The epidemic of mental health is astronomical and I believe that it is partly due to a human race that has become so conditioned to detachment. Disconnected from who they are, disconnected from society and disconnected to their purpose.

Where, in actual fact, life is full of possibilities – maybe they just need someone to light up the path and show them the way. To let them know it’s ok, to connect back to who they really are, honour their unique selves & become filled with love, passion and purpose.

It wasn't until I reached the turning point in my life, I found the courage to lift the mask, face myself and find out who I really was and what I was capable of.
The journey has been a confronting one, but extremely rewarding which has renewed my position in life. I now wake up everyday with excitement, passion and purpose! 

Everyone deserves happiness & fulfilment and I am passionate in helping other's find & connect to theirs. 

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