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LIFE & BUSINESS COACHING | with Kirsty Mason

I invite you to enter the cave and embark on an exclusive healing journey, through a range of healing modalities, that compliment your wellness on a holistic level.

Although I'd love to help everyone on their healing journey, my approach is quite unique, so I encourage you to check in first, to see if we are a good match, so we can get the most out of our journey together. 


why this line of work?

Wow. I had no idea that this would become such important work for me.

Understanding your values, what's important to you, your boundaries, your 'way' of living and then honouring them. Coming from someone who had spent 10 years in a corporate job that was against all my values, I completely lost who I was and what's even worse, it amplified to another level, as soon as I gave birth to my beautiful (cheeky) daughter, Sienna. 

It's like I couldn't go back to who I was, a significant shift had taken place inside of me. 

Through my own journey of healing & releasing of my inner child, values based work and deep dives into who I really was, I was able to finally lift the mask, gain clarity on who I am and reconnect with my core self. 

It has been a completely soul freeing and defining chapter in my life and I now understand the importance of honouring your authenticity and the freedom & fulfilment you experience, when you do. 

& now, I dedicate my work through my streamlined & signature C.O.R.E | D.E.S.I.R.E program, helping others go on this journey, reconnect to their authentic selves, create their life around honouring who they are & experiencing the same soul freeing & empowering shifts themselves. 


so what are my C.O.R.E values & natural 'style' 

I'm quirky by nature (and proudly so), deeply connected with my inner desire to serve and the type who loves the real talk, the D&M's.

I consider myself as a warm, empathetic and a generous human being, oh, and a passionate mama of 3 little humans, too!

What I do, I do for them! My purpose in this life is to live in authenticity & show our children what's available to them, that living your best life, experiencing happiness & fulfilment is accessible to anyone who seeks it! 

My deepest values are Love, Connection, Growth, Adventure & Contribution. Whereas my core need for significance is fulfilled by creating significant emotional experiences for others. Feeling & witnessing the impact of selfless giving is what really get's me going! 


how does this all benefit you?

In essence, I care deeply about your healing journey and your experience matters to me. I am a dedicated and passionate wellness therapist, focusing on mindset growth and holistic health.

With experience in a range of modalities, I work on various levels with the Mind; offering Life & Business Coaching, Body; offering energy healing sessions through Reiki, Crystals & Singing Bowls and with our advanced Aura Photography, you can see the shift in your energy in real time, making it a unique experience and a #ahealingyoucansee 

For those who are seeking to make changes in their life or are ready to step into their full potential, I invite you to our signature Soul package; where you are working with a combination of all modalities, creating transformation on all levels of mind, body and soul.

If you're unsure where to start, I offer a complimentary, no obligation session to discuss your needs, feel free to reach out here 

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Life Coaching, Reiki level III Practitioner; Crystal & Sound Healing; 
Member of IICT – International Institute of Complimentary Therapists


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