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Sound Yoga Classes

45min immersive experience in the ultimate sense of relaxation & 
deep healing vibrations with Sound Yoga!
Your Sound Yoga Class includes: 
  • Crystal Singing Bowls 
  • Crystal Sets for your Chakras
  • Essential Oils to compliment our session 
  • Freebies & Goodies unique to our themed healing session 
  • Access to our Sound Yoga Wellness Facebook Group 
What Is Sound Yoga (Nada Yoga) 
"Nada means the flow of sound and Yoga means Union".
If you're looking for that down doggy pose or traditional yoga fix, we are definitely NOT FOR YOU... 

We are also NOT FOR YOU IF you do not like beautiful harmonious tones of healing, 
cleansing blocked energy & raising your vibrations. 


Here, we enter into a world of deep relaxation, slowing our brain waves to 
the healing frequency optimum state of alpha-theta, allowing healing 
to occur at a cellular level, addressing the root cause of our stresses, 
anxiety and imbalances. 

On the path of Nada Yoga, the body is healed, the mind recovers its balance and the person becomes a 
fully functional individual, living with a sense of well-being. In this sense Nada Yoga works as medicine and therapy, 
helping a person to lead a healthy, happy and balanced life in the world. 

The perfect complimentary session to your everyday yoga practice.

Releasing & Harmonising tones to clear, activate & heal your energy centres,

sensing the vibrations through your skin, into your body & deep into your heart centre. 

You can literally FEEL your energy start to shift in your body.

Come and join us at one of our Sound Yoga Classes by booking in a session below and
experience Nada Yoga for yourself! 
Simply choose the best pass that suits you & on the next screen choose a time & book
in for your first Nada Yoga Class!

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