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heal the BODY

$159 / 90 mins

Infused with Crystals & Sound Bowls

Our heal the body package has been designed to create a shift in your 'present' state of being,
with the intention of helping you: 

- Feel Lighter, like the weights have been lifted off your shoulders
- Stimulate Deep Relaxation 
- Shift Blocked Energy 
- Release Trapped Emotions
- Connect To Your Inner-Peace
- Balance Your Chakras
- Relieve Pain & Tension
- Reduce Fatigue
- Reduce Anxiety
- Relieve feelings of Depression
- Boost Your Moods
- Reduce Headaches Symptoms
- Calm the mind, helping you sleep better  


Enter the cave and fully immerse yourself,
allowing you to experience a paradigm shift in your well-being.

Your Package Includes:

1 x Before & After Aura Reading

1 x Intuitive Healing Session ;
with the combination of modalities of
Reiki, Crystal Therapy & Crystal Singing Bowls

1 x Mini-Wellness Review including 
your Aura Photo & full detailed Aura report 

Please allow yourself up to 1.5 hours



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Disconnect from the outside world for just a moment.

Enjoy the sanctuary.
This is your sacred space to heal & connect. 

Further Information 

Review the below to understand more about Reiki, the benefits & what to expect from your session. 

Why you need this healing modality: 

Introducing Reiki as a part of your self-care routine can help promote longevity of life & overall sense of well-being. A session of Reiki may also have you feeling or experiencing:

  • Relief of pain, tension & fatigue
  • Enter a state of deep relaxation
  • Emotional release
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Help relieving depression
  • Enhancing quality of life
  • Boost your moods
  • Reduced headaches
  • Improved tension
  • Reduced insomnia & sleep better
  • Reduced nausea

During your session you may feel: 

  • Tingling sensation
  • Heat
  • Twitching as your body releases the stuck energy

What Makes Our Session Unique? 
As we work through your Reiki session, I will incorporate the use of Crystal Therapy to amplify your healing. You will also have a chance to experience Crystal Singing Bowls that are used during your session to work on particular Chakras that may require additional work to restore balance.

I assess each appointment as it's own unique puzzle, working to solve the bigger picture using a variety of techniques to achieve the most desired outcome possible.

My ultimate goal is to have you leaving a hundred times better than when you came in! 

What Is Reiki Known For?
Reiki is an energy healing therapy, that is now being accepted into western society, as a popular & holistic approach to well-being.

Dating back to 1922, Reiki has been passed down through the lineage of Japanese Buddhist, Dr Mikao Ususi, meaning “Universal Life Force” and is used primarily to promote inner peace & restore balance in the body.

Reiki is also well known as being used in hospitals as a complimentary healing therapy, helping those particularly with cancer. While Reiki should not be used as a cure or replace medical treatments, it may assist the body to create the environment that facilitates the healing process.

Reiki is known to help reduce side effects of medical treatments, shorten healing times, reduce pain, stress and promote a positive outlook. 

What To Expect During A Reiki Session?
Using energy centres in the hands, positive life force energy is channelled into the body, stimulating your body’s natural healing ability, to remove blocks and return the energy to it’s natural state of flow.

During a Reiki treatment, you will be laying down, fully clothed on a massage table. Hands are placed slightly on the body using various hand positions & techniques. I will use an intuitive approach, listening into what the body is communicating, however Reiki energy will natural go to wherever it is required.

You may feel sensations such as heat, tingling and may feel an immediate sense of relief as it works to release tension, & stress by removing any negative energy and replacing it with positive energy flow.

As Reiki activates your body's natural healing state and starts to work at a cellular level to remove blockages, you may also experience twitching sensations as the works to restore the body's balance.

Whatever it is for you, just know this is the body's natural process and completely normal.

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