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Cacao releases the happiness chemicals in your brain!

Discover more delicious benefits of why
you need Cacao in your life!

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Hygge evening retreat

The word Hygge means cosy; A feeling of contentment 

Calm, cosy, happy.

Imagine sipping a hot chocolate surrounded with candles snuggled in a big dooner. Or, walking on the beach on a warm summers evening watching the sunset, belly laughing with a best friend.

During an evening session you’ll feel present, warm, cosy and calm. De-stress and release any built up tension in your body.

Learn some beautiful, nourishing practices to make you happier!

Every experience is as unique as you! You can expect;

✨ Cacao ceremony! (Chocolate experience) 

✨ Breathing techniques that feel incredible

✨ Clarity on your direction, understand the power of your mind and how thoughts become reality (manifestation)

✨ Step into a calm and supportive space. 

Learn a little, smile a little, nourish your mind and body! Here at Hygge we have got it covered so you don't need to lift a finger. 

Fridays, 6pm-7.30pm
$40 per person

Next Event Date: 17th Sept
Yeronga, Brisbane

We are delighted to share some hygge healing with you 💗

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How To Make a Hygge Cacao Drink🍫

Cacao is a beautiful plant medicine and must be treated with respect. Depending on what your intention is for sitting with her is it's important to prepare her in the correct quantity.


Pick Your Potion 🔮
10g, Dreaming Dose
25g, Creative Expression
35g, Meditation or Yoga
45g, Ceremonial Dose


Make With Love ❤️

1. Shave desired amount of Cacao into pan. 10-45 grams. Melt on low heat

2. Whisk in 150-200ml hot water/plant-based milk. Stir regularly

3. Add in a teaspoon of honey or sweetener

4. Add favourite additives like Maca powder, Cinnamon, Vanilla

5. Brew with intention & serve in your favourite mug!

Tasty Tips & Tricks

Get creative with your Cacao! Add in delicious things like:

• Cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, turmeric, vanilla, anise, nutmeg, coconut oil and all your tasty imagination.

• Any herbs, supplements or medicinal mushrooms. Cacao helps your body to uptake these as a natural carrier!

• Cayenne pepper for a little kick and increases the effects of cacao.

• Maca powder is a hormone balancer, increases libido and gives your energy a boost! Whilst also giving you a smooth, nutty flavour. The perfect addition! We love this one!

• Coconut oil for a soft, smooth combo.

• Be sure to add your sweeteners like honey, maple, agave or cane sugar.

We love Oat milk for it's creamy texture.
So many ways to design your own powerful Cacao concoction!

✨ Ritual and Intentions✨

We love preparing Cacao as a little daily ritual and to set powerful intentions.

Cacao connects you into the present moment. Opens your heart and allows you to feel your intentions. Setting an intention for your day, or manifesting your visions is a beautiful way to integrate with the medicine of Cacao. Not to mention, you're getting all of the happiness benefits from releasing the feel-good chemicals from your brain into your body!

Feel your intentions come to life
with every sip!

🌙 How To Set Powerful Intentions

Make your Cacao with love, then...

❤︎ Start by taking a few deep clearing belly breaths.
❤︎ Ground into mama earth by putting your feet flat on the ground and close down your eyes
❤︎ Visualise your intention...See it in your mind's eye, make the image brighter
❤︎ Feel your vision, as it dissolves into all of the cells in your body.
❤︎ Allow the medicine of Cacao to enter your beautiful body, staying present with every sip
❤︎ Repeat your intention, by stating the positive outcome you desire, 3 times