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Cacao - 400g

Ceremonial Cacao from Sacred Earth Medicine is no ordinary Cacao! Unlike the run of the mill "ceremonial grade" cacao products out there, this is the real deal. It is truly the highest grade, highest vibration, most energy intense cacao on the planet. 

It is 100% pure, organic whole bean, heirloom criollo nativo cacao (cacao chuncho) from Peru. It is simply the whole bean ground, nothing added, nothing taken away.

Don't take our word for it, try it for yourself and experience the difference!

Friendly Warning! This Cacao will help you:

💜  Release your feel-good happiness chemicals in your brain; serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin (love hormone), bliss chemicals. 

💜  Reduces stress and boosts moods!
💜 Opens and heals your heart chakra 

💜  Inspires creativity

Ingredients: 100% Organic whole bean Criollo Cacao paste. Nothing added, nothing removed to maintain the highest vibration - pure Ceremonial Cacao.

This package contains 9 ceremonial doses and 14 creative doses. The inside of the pack contains usage and preparation instructions.

As an ancient plant medicine and wise teacher, Ceremonial Cacao can deepen awareness of your connection to the earth and the cosmos when used in ceremony, meditation and inner work. For inspiration, try partnering with any creative endeavours. Enjoy your journey, wherever it may take you!